Everything is balance : respect and preservation of the potential of the soil and the vines.

The “terroir” is everything. It gives strength and character to our wines. For several years, we watch to decrease as much as possible treatment products, to develop natural grassing and to sow natural seeds of forest wheat, rye and radish.

The purpose of the soil-work is to help the vine roots to grow deeply in order to pump the mineral particles and the nutrients present in the famous “Terroir”.


Our grape harvests are exclusively manual. The crushing is long and soft in order to preserve the best aromatic potential.

The fermentations are long too. The ageing process is achieved on fine lees and the bottling is made in our cellar, for an optimal result.

The wild tulip (tulipa sylvestris) formerly very wide-spread in vineyards is threatened today. In cause, the massive use of weed-killers … We try for several years to reintroduce it in our parcels.

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